TUDCA 101 Guide: Benefits, Dosage & Outcomes Revealed

What Is Tudca (tauroursodeoxycholic acid)

TUDCA is a substance that happens inside the human body. Its a bile acid that’s created in the liver. The entire title is tauroursodeoxycholic acid but largely called TUDCA.

It is available as a nutritional supplement and is still being investigated for many health benefits put main for liver protection and gallstones.

Tauroursodeoxycholic acid was used in Chinese traditional medicine for decades. They used it to heal a disease referred to as ‘heat illness.’

In today’s time, it’s mostly used to heal liver damage in patients and for treating gallstones. Additionally, it is used by bodybuilders to help protect their liver from prohormones or steroid cycles.

Within this TUDCA guide, we will show you the benefits, the best dosage, and the side-effects.

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Tudca Benefits

Tauroursodeoxycholic acid was researched for many years now, and different benefits are noted in the procedure.

Below we will discuss the most beneficial benefits of TUDCA.

1. Liver Cirrhosis

This is a condition that’s brought on by long-term harm to the liver. Were scar tissue has obtained over healthy cells, which results in the liver not to operate properly.

A research done on 18 patients with liver cirrhosis revealed a huge increase when utilizing 750mg TUDCA for 6 weeks. ALT, AST, and ALP levels were significantly reduced compared to the group that didn’t accept the TUDCA.

2. Boost Immune Enzymes

If you used a prohormone, steroid, or any other cycle that is liver toxic, or your liver is going to be damaged. It’s always suggested to perform a blood test to confirm the liver damage.

On these blood tests, you will find ALT and AST, these are the two major liver enzymes. If they’re elevated, you will almost certainly have any liver damage.

A study done on the consequences of TUDCA on these enzymes demonstrated decreased liver enzymes of 51 percent. They used a dose of 750mg for a 2 months period.

3. Hepatitis C Treatment

A research done on treating Hepatitis C with the use of tauroursodeoxycholic acid showed some interesting results, it really showed that it helped with the expression of chronic hepatitis.

There are many different benefits that are now still being investigated. I have named them in a list below.

— It could help with eye health in RP and LCA disease.
Retinites Pigmentosa Study and LCA Study.
— It could aid with ALS.
A study showed improved ALSFRS-R, meaning that they slowed the process down.
— It may increase insulin sensitivity in obesity.
A study showed an increase in insulin sensitivity of 30% with a dosage of 1750mg for 1 month.

The Very Best TUDCA Dosage

There is a lot of debate going on about the ideal TUDCA dose. Most TUDCA dosages average between 250 and 1000mg per day.

Most bodybuilders require a dosage between 500 and 1000mg a day if they are on a heavy oral cycle such as Superdrol, Turinabol, or Halodrol. Some people take higher doses of 1000mg+ to repair damaged liver after a cycle.

It is vital to notice that you should not take tauroursodeoxycholic acid longer than 8 weeks because it could boost your unwanted cholesterol and decrease HDL. The FDA also advised to not take tauroursodeoxycholic acid if you do not have signs of liver or gallstones.

There are safer and better options to help you with the security of your liver and other organs. The next products, you can take the Entire year:

— Milk Thistle
— Liv.52

Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid Side-Effects

Users very nicely bear TUDCA. But, there still are some unwanted effects worth mentioning.

Most important is that you shouldn’t consume any alcohol when you utilize TUDCA.

Studies revealed that this could only increase the damage of your liver rather than protecting it.

A study done on the treatment of tauroursodeoxycholic acid for biliary cirrhosis showed that the sole side-effect they noticed was diarrhea. Diarrhea was just shown on high dosages of 1000 and 1500mg.

Gastrointestinal symptoms are the most famous side effects of tauroursodeoxycholic acid. Here you can find a record that consumers reported as a side-effect:

  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Gas and Bloating
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Nausea
  • Chest pain

Top 3 Best Tudca Supplement

As you may already know, I’ve done plenty of prohormone cycles and always used a TUDCA supplement to be certain my liver and organs are secure.

I’ve made a top 3 of the best TUDCA supplements for you men.

1. TUDCA Elite

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2. Ar1macare Pro

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  • Prolactin Complex


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Another product that is well worth mentioning is Liv.52 by Himalaya. This product was known for several years as the most effective herbal penis support supplement.

This product doesn’t include tauroursodeoxycholic acid. However, it’s something you might be interested in since it has been proven to work very effectively.

Final Verdict: Should I recommend?

TUDCA is a supplement that certainly works and it works really well too. If you are someone that’s looking to protect or regain your liver enzymes, then this is something for you. It’s very well tolerated with minimal side-effects.

It is quite powerful in safeguarding your liver whilst cycling oral steroids and it is recommended to use it to not harm your liver. If you cycle a prohormone like Nanodrol or even Androtest you will surely need a product like this.

Make certain to buy tauroursodeoxycholic acid from a respectable source and do not exceed the recommended dosage.

There’s more research essential to complete if it’s also useful with various ailments. However, current research is very promising


It is very straightforward to take TUDCA; you could buy a jar out of virtually all supplement stores on earth. All tauroursodeoxycholic acid supplements come in capsules, so you just have to take 1-4 capsules every day with some meals. The recommended dose is involving 250-1000mg, depending upon your objectives and status.

If you are on a cycle, then it is advised to have a dose between 500 and 1000mg daily. A suitable starting dosage would be 500mg and see whether that’s enough for your own cycle. Some people today need more, and some want less. If you’re cycling a hefty prohormone such as d-bol, it’s advised to take a little bit longer like 750mg per day.

It’s advised to NOT take tauroursodeoxycholic acid at precisely the same time as your oral steroid or prohormone. For instance, take TUDCA first thing in the morning, if you’re going to train in the evening, take the orals 1 hour before training. The rule of thumb is to take tauroursodeoxycholic acid at least 3 hours apart from the orals.

In the following guide, I mentioned three amazing TUDCA nutritional supplements of high quality. However, you can buy TUDCA in most nutritional supplement shops. Some countries banned TUDCA, before purchasing, please make sure to check out that.