Best Kratom Strains: Hulu Kapuas Kratom Effects


Hulu Kapuas kratom is a very rare strain that grows exclusively alongside the Indonesian Kapuas river. Very few people live in this remote region – let alone farm the plants – so this exclusive variety can be especially difficult to source. Beware of wholesale vendors trying to make a fast buck by passing off other strains as Hulu Kapuas. These plants are very scarce and only available through kratom specialists (and often command appropriately high prices).

Hulu Kapuas is held in such high regard because it is a ‘fusion’ form of kratom. Thanks to containing nineteen different rich forms of alkaloid – and in far greater concentration than found in other strains – it offers a full spectrum experience with effects that vary according to the amount consumed. As with most other forms of kratom the family includes red, white and green leaves which each offer a particular effect.

Red Hulu Kapuas Kratom Effects

Generally regarded as the best choice for newcomers to this form of kratom, red leaves are used to smoothly increase energy levels and alertness without any jitteriness. At higher dosage, many people report that it can be very tranquil and mildly sedating – so perfect for relaxing with a good book! It is advisable (as with trying out any new strain) to begin with lower doses and work up gently.

White Hulu Kapuas Kratom Effects

This variety is one of the most sought after strains out there because it truly offers a universally uplifting sensation. Once again, higher doses will deliver more potent results. Primarily held in such high regard because of the way it provides mental stimulation, clarity of thought and boosts energy levels, it is also used to help manage stress, reduce anxiety and boost sociability. At higher doses, it is also one of the best strains going for promoting restful and uninterrupted sleep.

Green Hulu Kratom Effects

Green Hulu is prized for being especially an especially powerful relaxant. It promotes wellbeing and peace of mind and is particularly calming for those who suffer from sleep problems. While regarded as being the most mellow and recreational variety thanks to it boosting sociability and lowering inhibitions, it is also useful when taken to ‘take the edge off’ a stressful day.

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Effective Dosing With Hulu Kapuas Kratom

It is advisable to start low and gradually increase/decrease your dose to find your sweet spot with this strain. Those additional alkaloids make a considerable difference regarding potency, and even those who have not enjoyed much success with other strains of kratom are near certain going to feel it with Hulu Kapuas. Just like all other forms of kratom tolerance will grow, so use this as sparingly as you can to begin with – just one gram at first and work up from there. The effects are much more noticeable when taken in higher amounts, so be aware of this when starting off.

Final Thoughts

Providing you can find the real deal, the Hulu Kapuas kratom is one of the finest strains on the planet. While each variety does have its own particular style, the overall effect is pretty all-encompassing compared to more generic forms. Perhaps the best way to explain why this is such a desirable – and in demand – strain is that it promotes overall wellbeing in a manner that puts most others into the shade. It is especially useful for those who have built up a high tolerance to other varieties and wish to experience high-quality returns from just small doses again.